Google Adwords Practical & Real world application

Using real businesses as case studies, Dimension Business Institute offers a 3-day search marketing and digital display advertising class that includes how to use web analytics reports. The search marketing and display advertising course will teach you the following:

• How to set up a search marketing campaign on the Google platform – i.e. the ads you see when you search for something in Google

• How to set up a digital display campaign using the Google Adwords platform – i.e. set up banner ads that will be displayed on relevant websites on the Google Display Network

• Using Google Analytics to review website traffic – i.e. the kind of reports and metrics you need to use when looking at website visitor behaviour and whether online campaigns are working.


Social Media Marketing Training

This 2 day, highly practical, class will teach the course attendees the following:

• Key relevant research on social media usage within your location together with key concepts and terminology used within the field of social media marketing.

• Create social media accounts across the primary social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube,  and Google+.

• Create business pages and will be able to engage effectively through the platforms on behalf of their business

• Assess the suitability of different social platforms for their aims and objectives

• Knowledge and skills to effectively engage with customers using Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google + and YouTube.

• How to use and leverage advanced features Using social Facebook, Twitter ,Linked In, Google + or YouTube

• Setup campaigns and initiatives and be able to budget, schedule, manage and report on the campaigns.

• Measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns using analytics and be able to evaluate and share information against baseline expectations.

Search Engine Optimisation Course 

This 2 day practical course will equip attendees with the following:

• Key concepts and terminology used in SEO

• Technical know-how, understanding and insight to build and maintain an effective SEO strategy

• The on-page optimisation techniques, and the skills and know-how to manage keyword research and selection

• Knowledge on applying appropriate meta tags in order to drive site optimisation

• How to use various specialist tools in implementing on-page SEO

• Understanding of the concept of ranking and be able to perform a range of off-page optimisaton activities to improve their ranking

• Knowledge on content marketing and how to develop content plans crucial to enhancing your SEO campaigns

Mobile Marketing Course

This 1 day interactive course will equip attendees with the following:

• Insights into relevant local statistics and emergent trends within the mobile space

• Key concepts and terminology used within the field of mobile marketing

• Technical knowledge and skills to build and maintain an effective mobile marketing strategy

• Practical knowledge and skills to run effective mobile campaigns incorporating well designed mobile subscriber databases

• Practical knowledge on mobile advertising and the range of technologies that are available to help engage with consumers such as mobile apps and QR Codes

• Practical knowledge on creating suitable messaging campaigns and how to validate marketing activity with campaign trials, review and ongoing measurement

• Integrating mobile marketing with the latest advances in social media marketing

Email Marketing Course

This 1 day interactive course will equip attendees with the following:

• Insights into the regional email usage research

• Mobile usage in Africa and it’s impact on email marketing

• Deciding on Email Marketing content and how to create it

• Writing email copy that converts leads to customers

• How to build an email list/database

• Choosing the perfect template for your email marketing campaign

• Choosing an email system provider

• How to avoid spam filters

• Metrics and reporting to determine whether there is any return on investment

Dialogue & Facilitation Training Course

In today’s diversifying corporate world (age, gender, race, geography) leaders need to be confident in the way they approach, understand and guide their teams. This confidence is essential to maximizing team performance, understanding and addressing conflict and building team and company values.

This 2 day course is centered on the four principles/philosophies of dialogue. Through practicing these four principles, this course is designed to teach leaders how to:

• Become aware of various views on an issue;

• Develop a possible understanding of these various views;

• Seek possible opportunities to create new ideas and concepts from the current understanding of a situation; and

• To continue practicing these four principles of dialogue in work and life as a form ongoing learning and practice

Sustainability Training Course

Using real businesses as case studies across industries, Dimension Business Institute offers a 3-day sustainability class that will teach you the following:

• How to develop a sustainability strategy through the utilisation of particular models;

• How to understand, map and develop a stakeholder engagement plan; and

• How to develop a GRI compliant monitoring system to help companies understand and report on their sustainability practices

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